Hemlock Hills on Mill Pond

Welcome to Hemlock Hills on Mill Pond, located in Northeast Michigan on the former historic Elowsky Grist Mill Property. We are now Northeast Michigan’s most unique Wedding Venue, where “Up North” is as good as it gets for a quiet and relaxing place to stay. Located on the Thunder Bay River, using the Elwosky Grist Mill as a backdrop, we have converted the old Barn into a remarkable location for your Barn Wedding. With the newly remodeled Cabin in 2017, we will be able to sleep up to 60 people on the property. Come see why there is no other Wedding Venue or Vacation Home Rental like Hemlock Hills on Mill Pond.

Waterfalls, otters at play, and Eastern Hemlock trees more than 200 years old —
Come see and understand why we treasure this land…

Come walk through the Eastern Hemlock trees that are more than 200 years old, stroll on trails through 30 plus acres of hardwood forest and enjoy the beauty that nature provides. Sit on the deck overlooking the Thunder Bay River or overlooking Mill Pond. Listen to the water fall over the remnants of the water dam used for the Elowsky Grist Mill. Watch the beavers tend to their home and the family of otters play, or fish for Pike and Bass. Come see why this is a special place to stay and relax.

As a child growing up nearby, sometimes it was taken for granted what a beautiful place Northern Michigan can be. When I moved away after school, I realized this more each year I came back “home”. So for years, I would dream of a place to have that we could potentially build a summer home. In the fall of 2011, my brother said he knew of a place that he remembers trying to buy many years ago that was for sale again. It did not take very long for us to know we had found what we were looking for; and then some. We stayed a couple of times and knew that this property was meant to be ours, and would keep our kids connected to some of their heritage for many years to come. If you enjoy getting away to relax, you will see and understand why we treasure this land.

A name grounded in history —
A vision for the future…

Why we chose the name? Well, Mill Pond is so named because it was used for the Historic Elowsky Grist and Saw Mill and I wanted to keep a connection to that wonderful history. The Hemlock Hills part of the name will be self evident when you see some of Northern Michigan’s largest tree’s of their kind. Also, the Brother that told me about the property, if he would have purchased the land those many years ago he would have so named it, so honoring the family I love and the beauty of the land, I so named it. Come stay with us at Hemlock Hills on Mill Pond and see for yourself!

When we first looked at The Cabin property in 2011, the Owner wanted us to buy the property next door that had the old Elowsky Grist Mill and home on it. At the time though, we were not in a position to purchase the property nor did I see how I would utilize the property. Over the next few years as we stayed at our Cabin and The Mill property did not sell, I wanted more each year to figure out a way to make it work so that we could keep all of the original property together and preserve the remarkable history inside the Mill.

In January 2016, after the owner was still unable to find a buyer for the property we negotiated an offer that was accepted. Our intention is to continue to use the home as a vacation rental along with offering the historic property as Northeast Michigan’s most unique Wedding Venue, and for reunions and photography opportunities. By creating this viable business interest, we will have the opportunity to restore the outside of The Mill in an effort to keep the contents inside at museum quality for generations to come. What most see from the outside, is the charm and beauty of the old building that is The Mill, but the real treasure of The Mill, is it’s generations of contents inside showing the evolution of the milling process of grains. In today’s modern world, we take for granted that food is on the shelves of the local grocery store. However, our ancestors knew the struggle to survive in an untamed land beginning in the 1870’s. The Elwosky Grist Mill provided an essential service to survival, milled grains for baking and feed stock. The history that the Elowsky Mill gives the area of Posen is more than most people realize, and I will continue to search for ways to share that with those people who may be interested in that local history. When you utilize this wonderful property for your wedding or vacation stay, know that you are contributing to the effort to preserve a part of local history for generations to come.